In the Kitchen today…

What: Turkey Soup with Kale Where: The Art of Simple Food Who: Alice Waters This wholly comforting soup fed the two of us for an entire week of lunches and dinners. It uses a leftover roasted turkey carcass, but could use 1 large or 2 small chicken carcasses just as well. The ingredients are classic and wonderfully [...]

Creamy Summer Coleslaw with Kale, Raddichio, and Lemon

I've already published one lovely coleslaw, but here's a more traditional take with a creamy white (dairy free) salad dressing. Creamy Summer Coleslaw with Kale, Raddichio, and Lemon For the Dressing: 2/3 cup apple cider vinegar 2/3 cup xylitol 1/2 small white onion, peeled 1/2 teaspoon himalayan salt 2 teaspoons dry ground mustard 12 -14 ounces almond [...]