Cookbook of the Month: April

What: Barefoot Contessa Family Style Who: Ina Garten Ina is like an old friend. Her cookbooks, especially the Barefoot Contessa series, are just stellar. She's tried and true though and through. And, very importantly, you can trust her with your holidays. The pages of my volume of Family Style are wrinkled with splatters of stove-top [...]

Cookbook of the Month: March

March was a simple decision. Even after cooking exclusively from it all of February, I am not ready to be done with The Art of Simple Food. So, it gets another month of undivided attention. There are plenty more recipes to fill an entire month of cooking. That makes me happy. Honestly, this list of recipes (not [...]

Cookbook of the Month: February

For February, I have chosen Alice Water's The Art of Simple Food. During the month of February, as I have opportunity, I will cook through the recipes that are of particular interest to me. I have always been fascinated by this anthology of basics because Waters is never bored with any ingredient, however humble. She is known [...]

In the Kitchen today…

In the kitchen today, I made Shaye Elliott's Paprika and Rosemary Roasted Chicken from her cookbook, Family Table.   You can also purchase it from her blog, The Elliott Homestead, here. (Family Table was my cookbook selection for January 2017, in addition to Jerusalem). Shaye grows all her own produce and raises all her own meat. Her cookbook is not fussy. [...]