In the Kitchen today…

What: Coleslaw Where: The Art of Simple Food Who: Alice Waters This coleslaw is fresh and lovely in its simplicity, and simplicity of course is Waters' specialty. There are some wonderful Variations (additions) for this recipe: apple, parsley, celery root, jalepeño or serrano, lime juice, cilantro, or mayonnaise (or a combination).  Here, I added the [...]


In the Kitchen today…

What: Jicama Salad with Orange and Cilantro Where: The Art of Simple Food Who: Alice Waters Wonderfully refreshing and crisp, with intermittent bursts of sweet, this salad is a winner.  It's accompaniments are brilliant: cilantro, paprika (or ancho chile powder), lime, salt, and olive oil. I imagine that smoked paprika would be an excellent choice as [...]

Citrus Salad with Cilantro & Pomegranate

My mom happened to be over when I threw this salad together the other day, and since then she has been eager to recreate it, so I am logging the recipe for her. It is wonderfully refreshing. I served it with our Everyday Dressing and leftover roasted chicken on the side. Citrus Salad with Cilantro & Pomegranate [...]