Starter Kit Oils

The Premium Starter Kit bundles Young Living’s 11 most popular oils with a beautiful diffuser.

Read below for a breakdown of each amazing oil, and how to put them to work right away in your happy + healthy journey!



roll it – eat it – diffuse it

  • Warm and spicy smell (like Christmas!).
  • Germ fighting powers and immune booster.
  • What I do with it: Drink a drop in a glass of water or tea for immune support, roll it on my hands for protection, and spray it with water and lemon to clean up around the house.


diffuse it – roll it

  • Uplifting energetic smell.
  • Supports respiration, congestion, + seasonal woes.
  • What I do with it: Diffuse when the sniffles are coming on, rub it on my chest and breathe deeply.


roll it – eat it– diffuse it

  • Fresh, minty taste and smell.
  • Supports focus and clarity, may aid digestion and tension/headaches.
  • What I do with it: roll it on neck and head when I have a headache, and diffuse to promote a fresh, energetic mood.


diffuse it – eat it– roll it

  • Crisp, fresh aroma.
  • Fights stinky smells, purifies the air.
  • What I do with it: Diffuse in my house before company comes over. Smells AMAZING with stress away!


eat it – roll it

  • Minty, spicy flavor and smell.
  • Digestive support blend for tummy troubles!
  • What I do with it: Drink a drop with water and peppermint after dinner for digestive support, and rub some on my tummy when I feel bloated.


roll it

  • Powerful, fresh, spicy smell.
  • Supports skin and muscles; causes a tingly, icy/hot sensation, with no chemicals!
  • What I do with it: Rub it into sore neck and back anytime, especially after exercise.


roll it – diffuse it

  • Sweet, heavenly smell.
  • One of the most versatile oils, great for sleep, stress, skin, scrapes, cuts, bug bites, and more!
  • What I do with it: Roll it on my hands and feet before bed for sleep support, and diffuse it with other oils throughout the day to promote a peaceful home.


eat it – roll it – diffuse it

  • Mild, woodsy taste and smell.
  • Promotes wellness and enhances the effects of other oils.
  • What I do with it: Add a drop into tea for an earthy, healthy kick, use in blends with other oils, and put on my babies gums for teething support!


roll it – diffuse it

  • Rich, amazing, earthy smell.
  • Skin support, as well as emotional and relaxation support.
  • What I do with it: Put some on my skin every night (especially under my eyes) for skin support, and use it in all kinds of blends. So versatile!


roll it – diffuse it – eat it

  • Zesty, citrus taste and smell.
  • Tastes great in water, great for cleaning, and aroma supports clarity.
  • What I do with it: Mix with thieves in a spray bottle for a fresh household cleaner, and add a drop in my tea for a fresh twist!


roll it – diffuse it

  • Yummy-smelling, calming blend.
  • Emotional support, tension + stress fighter.
  • What I do with it: Roll it on my wrists and breathe it in to say “bye, stress!”


There are 4 options to choose from when you purchase your kit, but they all work to diffuse oils into the air to support emotions, sleep, and general wellness, as well as to fight germs and odors.

What I do with it: Run it all day, every day, filling the air with oily goodness!




or, check out some practical blends you can make right away with your starter kit: