Hasty Woman’s Bourguignon

This wonderful beef stew was the product of me having only minutes (before running out the door teach a piano lesson) to get a stew going that my husband would actually like. His memories of stew are in the Dinty Moore category. But I promised him that I would make it yummy, and I did. The [...]


In the Kitchen today…

What: Parmesan Chicken Where: Barefoot Contessa Family Style Who: Ina Garten The only complaint I have about this wonderful dish is the time is takes to pan-fry every piece of chicken. The method - dip in flour mixture dip in egg mixture dip in breadcrumb mixture fry - is not hard. No. It's just that the [...]

In the Kitchen today…

What: Roasted Winter Vegetables Where: Barefoot Contessa Family Style Who: Ina Garten This was fabulous. Nothing profound here, at all. Just humble root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, sweet potato, and butternut squash) glorified by heat and fat and salt. I had a friend over when these came out of the oven, and she was just snatching them [...]

Cookbook of the Month: April

What: Barefoot Contessa Family Style Who: Ina Garten Ina is like an old friend. Her cookbooks, especially the Barefoot Contessa series, are just stellar. She's tried and true though and through. And, very importantly, you can trust her with your holidays. The pages of my volume of Family Style are wrinkled with splatters of stove-top [...]

In the Kitchen today & Hysa House Pie Dough

What: Blueberry Pie Where: The Art of Simple Food Who: Alice Waters This really needs no fanfare. It's its own parade. Waters calls for 6 cups of blueberries; I used frozen wild blueberries (I did not defrost them before mixing them together with the other filling ingredients). Wild blueberries are smaller in size, more "blue" in [...]

In the Kitchen today…

What: Asparagus and Lemon Risotto Where: The Art of Simple Food Who: Alice Waters I forgot to photograph this cozy dish when I pulled it off the stove because I was about to feed a few hungry men and there was no time for pictures! The above photo was taken the next day and the [...]