In the Kitchen today…


What: Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad
Where: The Art of Simple Food
Who: Alice Waters

This saffron-infused salad is enjoyably intriguing.  Every taste is accounted for: sweet, salty, sour, savory, spicy, and even floral. Waters gives two ways to make it: one where the ingredients are simply tossed over freshly-baked sweet potatoes, and one where the saffron and ginger get sautéed with finely diced onion in a little olive oil before being added to the potatoes. The second method is what I did here. I think the savory onion balances the sweet and sour well. Tossing all the ingredients  (including cilantro and parsley) with still-warm potatoes allows the potatoes to absorb the flavors quickly, literally marinating each piece as it cools and then locking the flavor in. An the saffron really shows up to the party.

The sour comes from lemon juice, but I added 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar as well to make it just a bit more tart. I also used part lime juice, as I didn’t have enough lemons. This made for a lovely compliment to the Moroccan flavors!  I also added 1/4 teaspoon cayenne for a little kick. Lastly, Waters suggests adding the zest of half the lemon, which is right on. That zest is an essential perk, while also complementing the floral quality of the saffron.

I ate this salad alongside many of our lunches and main dishes this week, and I ate it both warmed and cold from the fridge. It was delicious both ways.

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